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How I ended up with a camera in hand is a slightly different story than most. I have always wanted to go to design school, so I decided to write the entrance exam for the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. As I sat with the finished entrance exam in hand, I threw it out! Then I called home and told my parents that I had enrolled in a photography school.

I've always loved having a camera in hand. Photography, for me, is relaxing, cheerful and satisfying. It all started in the mountains of Norway, where I took pictures of my friends on snowboards and skis, and as a fun leisure project, I started taking pictures of Norway’s beautiful landscape. Fascinated by my landscape photos, there started to be a demand for the photos. One picture in particular "Supermoon" went viral and has been shared 100 times on social media and got more than 100,000 likes on one post. In addition, my photographs have been printed in magazines in both Denmark and Norway.

As with my graphic posters, I like the dark and beautiful in a picture, which many of my landscape pictures also bear the mark of. At the same time, I am captivated by the contrast between big and small in the landscape.

We live in a world full of change and here we need the boundless and free discipline of art, where we can let go of the mind and where only the imagination sets limits. Man's imagination and imagination are limitless and infinite. It is a quality that enables us to develop. There is no natural beginning and end to the narrative or mood of a work of art. Sometimes there is no obvious message in my works, while other times they are filled with meaning and symbolism. When I work on my works, I tend to get lost in the details, but someone once said to me “imperfect is perfect”, and that's a little phrase I think of when I'm in full flow. I rarely explain my art - I prefer to let the viewer tell me what they see in the work.

I have no real style. I buy stock photos and put together what I think is cool. I like dark and beautiful and to break the fine line between creation and destruction, where I make print lines of paint over the final work or spray paint over the faces of people. I feel like I could work on my art forever and never finish it, but when I put it in a box and wave goodbye to it, my mission is that the joy of the image should be just as great at the thought of it hanging in the home, as the joy is great when one stands and looks directly at it.





Natural and styled frames in minimalist expression. Made of the highest quality and in Scandinavian design. All wood frames is FSC certified that is looking out for forests and people all over the world. All frames up to 70x100 comes with real glass, 100x100 and 100x140 frames comes with plexiglass.




3 things worth knowing

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The idea is simple! I want to design posters that I want to hang on the wall and hope others will do the same. I do not have one style I just put together what I think looks cool. But I like the underground and cartoon world.

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All designs are made out by stock photos or hand paint pieces, which I redesign so it gets my look and expression. I don't do one kind of art.

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To reduce our climate footprint, all frames sold at the shop are made of environmentally friendly or recycled material. Also we try to make all our others products as environmentally friendly as possible.


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